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What’s Next?

That’s the question that everyone is asking now that I am graduating.  And it is an honest question, one that deserves an answer, one that I somehow which I were better prepared to answer, even though that was never the goal in this quest to get my Masters of Divinity.  While I many not be […]


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We have been Duped

My friends, you have all been duped…. Those of you who have ranted about Dan Cathy’s insensitive and bigoted comments, you have been duped… Those of you who have supported Chick-Fil-A by your reverse-boycott, leading to what may be the best one-day sales ever, you have been duped… Those of you who have been incensed […]

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The Rules

On NCIS, through flashbacks we meet Gibb’s wife.  At one point she tells hm that a man should have a set of rules to live by, and he begins to write down the rules that in the show are ubiquitous.  Rule # 1 – never screw a partner.  Rule # 8 – Never Assume, and […]

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