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I suppose the best defense against identity theft is just to tell you who I am.  Some might suggest that I should remain anonymous– someone might not like my opinions.  But then, so what?!  They are my opinions only.  When (or actually, if) I try to force them upon you, get mad, and fight back, but until then you can always just browse on, baby…

I am Ken McAfee, and like the rest of you I am riding this third planet from the sun trying to make sense out of the mess of reality and the numerous images and ideas cast at us daily through mass media, our friends and even our loved ones.  And like you, I am figuring out most of this as I go.  So a blog becomes a stream-of-consciousness dumping ground for my thoughts and ideas and struggles.  You have no struggles, you say?  Then you must be dead!  Our every day life is a fight for something, a fight for justice, a fight for recognition, a fight for peace, a fight for reconciliation, a fight for joy.  If you are not fighting, then you have given up.  Come back to us, re-join those of us that still fight on.

For in that fight, we define who we are, what we stand for and what makes us strong.  In that fight, win or lose, we are shaped and molded into the people we become.

So I fight on, and I wonder at times what I am fighting for, like anyone else.  But I believe I have a mission, a “Mission from God” and it changes everything.  So no matter what today brings, I know how it will all end, and that surety shapes who I am and what I do.  Join me as I fight the good fight, join me as I fight for joy.


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