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Groans and Hope

For my Caring for Creation class, I developed a photo and poetry essay on some locations around St. Louis.  Click the link below to download a PDF copy.  Feel free to share, so long as credit is given.  I wrote all the poetry and took all of the photos. Groans-And-Hope Enjoy!


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The Lord’s Song of Victory

The Lord said unto me, “Be not afraid, The plans that I have made for you will be And on that day a conq’ror you will be– Your crown to cast before your Christ is made. Not smoking, pride, divorce, or anger frayed, Nor shaped by fame and fortune will you be, Not reason’s courteous […]

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My world, a mystery formed before the time To measure it was set in endless motion. I found my form in His eternal rhyme In God’s immutable immanent passion. And I, I fall here, lost upon the face, I’m cast adrift on depths of finite craves; To touch, to taste, a trace of infinite grace […]

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