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Living as Engaged Exiles (Part 4)

Per request, this is the audio and slide deck I used to teach on 1 Peter 2:13-25 on New Relationships in Christ, including the idea of the phrase, “be subject to” (ESV) or “submit” (NIV).  This teaching was given September 27, 2015, at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Krikwood, Missouri. EngagedExiles-1Peter-Chapter2B

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One of the more raucous debates among developers and DBA’s for the past decade or more has been over the use of GUIDs (Graphical Unique Identifiers) or UID as primary keys on database tables.  The amount of blog entries that actually miss the entire point of good database design is actually deplorable.  So here is […]

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Ken & Diane the First Decade

We’re celebrating our first decade of marraige by sharing our video collage with whoever wants to see it.. Isn’t the Internet great? Ken and Diane – The First Decade (Small) Ken and Diane – The First Decade (Medium)

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